Let me also suggest that you go to an autobody shop supplier and ask for
their advice on what to use. I'm told (but cannot say how good the authority
is) that using silicon is not a good idea to seal vehicles as it somehow
contributes to rust. Don't know if that would apply to windshields but I was
told not to use it to seal the fender to body seams of my old Chevy Suburban
(of course that was after I had already done it). The other thing is of
course, that silicon is a devil to remove when you get around to doing the


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> Lady across the street told me to go get some clear latex gack and gack
> up the window and any other leak.  Nice little old lady.  Said she did
> that to her buick.  Not sure if I should use the large tube and do both
> sides of the windows.

That's what's holding the Falcon together.  I must say that the
clear silicone guck does not last out in the UV.  It turns yellow
and rots.  If you can arrange for a little better application and
cleanup, the black would probably hold up much better.

That's what the Frankenheap is going to get one of these days.

-- Jim

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