I am a lazy SOB, and have spent the past two days chasing a trunk leak
in the driving rain.  For the life of me, i have no idea where the
water is getting in.  About to park my behind in the trunk with a light
and see where it is getting in.  New tail lights with gaskets and newer
trunk seal.  Have not been able to find if the rear window is leaking.

Probably that, or the fuel grommet.  My understanding of leak
faults is #1 taillights, #2 window.  The rest lost in the noise.
But I could have those first two backwards!

A huge genset is not the same as a silly relay

Parts is parts, it's all just a matter of scale.  And the will
to not take any backtalk from machinery, neither big nor small.
Sometimes, of course, it has the last word anyway.

Not sure why some cars got the red dot and some had the other.  May be
an AC thing.  now that I think on it, the dots are found in the cars
with air at PnP, and found the larger ones on non AC.  Also something
with the seat belt lamp being in the place the red dot lives.

Riddle me this:  the Frankenheap has no AC, and has a red dot.
The Ebola Fishtank has AC, and has a red dot.   I think it's just

-- Jim

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