Yep, it was a joke. I own a cat and would not think of killing one.

Tom Hargrave


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it was a joke

Dave M. wrote:

> Yeah, the same can be said for your dogs. Kill them too. Hell, why not
> feed all pets poison if they annoy you. Antifireeze doesn't just kill
> small animals, it tortures them to death slowly over several days, as
> they die of blood poisoning due to failed kidneys. Been there, done
> that, had to watch a beloved pet die - in extreme pain - in my wife's
> arms due to this. If you're going to be a raging asshole, just take a
> gun and shoot the animal and kill it quickly. OK? Or at least keep
> your disgusting sadistic torture tricks to yourself - we don't need to
> hear about it on a Mercedes discussion list.

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