Sense/gov't - LOL :/  

Shutoff - ah, this makes sense - wonder if a few bike guys got gas in their
laps when inept gas station twit couldn't figure this procedure out....


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> Personally I think self-serve bikes in a full-serve station 
> makes no sense. Basically because: -I can't possibly fathom 
> having someone else pour gas into your lap making any sense. 
> AND -I can't possibly fathom how the government could be 
> smart enough to agree...  (:
> And, you do kind of hold the handle at an angle (I'm sure it 
> depends on the bike), in my case, with the nozzle all the way 
> in the shutoff shuts it off long before I reach the top.  So 
> then you have to kind of pull it out some to get more in, but 
> at the same time trying not to spill it all over your bike 
> and/or yourself...  (:
> Levi

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