My understanding from having ridden in OR and having a bunch of us descend upon a station, as well as having a pal as DM for BP. The pump monkey is able to service a number of cars simultaneously while he can only do one bike at a time. More anal bike riders get peeved when the monkey scratched the paint of his pretty bike, and spilled fuel really got them going. If there are six pumps, the bikes will take all the hoses and be gone in five gallons. More time is spend processing payment. With six cars, the pumps are doing 10-20 gallons and there is time to deal with each individual client.

Also found that with a diesel, the monkey will ignore you and allow you to pump, since he is not interested in smelling like fuel, and more able to service the petro cars

On Thursday, January 19, 2006, at 12:21 PM, Levi Smith wrote:

Personally I think self-serve bikes in a full-serve station makes no sense.
Basically because:
-I can't possibly fathom having someone else pour gas into your lap making
any sense.
-I can't possibly fathom how the government could be smart enough to
agree...  (:

And, you do kind of hold the handle at an angle (I'm sure it depends on the bike), in my case, with the nozzle all the way in the shutoff shuts it off long before I reach the top. So then you have to kind of pull it out some to get more in, but at the same time trying not to spill it all over your
bike and/or yourself...  (:


On 1/19/06, Tim C <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Huh - never had a bike, so don't know. I was just making a guess as to
motorcyclists might get to do their own. Thought maybe the nozzle didn't
fit in right for the cutoff to work (however it works) - I've observed
motorcyclists holding the nozzle at odd angles etc....  I also seem to
remember something about the law being amended on safety grounds with
motorcycles for some reason - but I'm really grasping at straws of vague
memories now.

So, yeah, who knows - laws and "reasons" for them are often simply


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Hmm, cutoff always works for me on my bike....

Levi (:

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