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Subject: [MBZ] mistakes a diesel owner should not make

240D cranked a little slow when I was going home from work yesterday. No
problem, I told myself, just slap on the battery charger overnight.

When I got home, parked the car outside intending to put it in the garage
(and attach the battery charger) after supper. Got involved in a three hour
household project and forgot all about the car.

Walked out of the house and into the garage at 7:30 this morning. "Hey,
where's my car?"  Oooops, it was outside in mid-teen temps with a non-100%
battery. Glow plug light didn't come on, either (a common problem when the
car is really cold).

So ... before walking to my office (just a few blocks) I hooked up the
battery charger!

Note to self -- put the car in the garage immediately after arriving at the
house, especially in the winter.

1977 240D
1983 VW Quantum turbo diesel 5-speed
1972 Honda CB-500K motorcycle
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