Terry Geiger wrote:
I think one thing that may cause an early engine replacement is the exposed oil pan on a 123. I looked at a 240D last year and the claim was it had a new engine at 150k because the previous owner ran over something in the road and punctured the oil pan.

That is a not uncommon failure with Mercedes diesels (115/123/124/126/201 diesels at least) if the pan hits a curb, speed bump, railroad tracks or the like. Mercedes sells a steel skid plate that provides considerable protection. Despite many insurance companies NOT volunteering that they cover such collisions, they ARE covered by collision insurance in MOST states. A neighbor had the engine in his 76 300D replaced in the late '70s (he had to appeal to the PA Insurance Commission who ruled in his favor) and Richard Easley (from that OTHER list) had the engine in his 300SDL covered 6-7 years ago. I've heard of several others being covered.

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