Glad to hear she's ok.  While your car may be a loss now, I think it's made
her a believer in MB quality (at least before 1995) such that you can buy
these old cars and not hear too much protest.

On 1/24/06, David Brodbeck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Loren Faeth wrote:
> > If the company insuring the van is State farm, they will claim it is not
> > their fault, that she backed into him.  YOU pay! BTDT
> >
> I've heard so many stories about State Farm that I'll never be a
> customer of theirs again.  There was a high-profile case here in
> Washington State where a guy tried to ram his ex-girlfriend's car and
> caused a collision that paralyzed another woman.  State Farm initially
> said they wouldn't pay for the woman's medical expenses because the
> collision was intentional and therefore not an "accident."  They backed
> down after a couple weeks of bad PR.
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