I sent a post with a photo last night, but it has not cleared the listmom. so, without the photo:

Today is D-Day plus 1

Remembering the monumental efforts of 1944.

Defeat tyranny.  Viva la liberte!

The photo shows people on the beach below a cemetary. Never having been there, I'm guessing it is omaha beach. Can you imagine how people would freak out now if 120 men in each state were KIA?

The people on the beach spell out in double rows "France will never forget." I have my doubts, but I do believe the French in rural Normady will have a long memory. There are also people holding large US and french flags. I am guessing the flags are 100' long and 60' tall. It is an interesting picture from the US embassy in France website.

Here is a link to a video version:

http://www.thefrenchwillneverforget.com/index.php?go=Photos%26amp%3BVideos Looks like the stunt was done in 2007.

And they desecrated the American flag by letting it touch the ground.

We did a halftime show with a similar size American flag a few years ago, and people were staged under the flag to be sure it never touched the ground.

Respect to all Allied Forces who were there during that time 71 years ago.


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