I have had the best longevity with Continental belts. You can get them from Rusty US made belts are of all forms of quality, and it is not usually obvious which are good and which are not. There some very good ones out there but Conti belts are consistent.

At 08:07 AM 1/30/2006, you wrote:
Had a strange problem with my 78 240D last Thursday - was on the Interstate
doing 70 or so when I heard a bump and noticed the dash lights on and water
temp rising - knew a belt was gone so I switched off and coasted to a stop.

The AC belt was off its pulleys and laying on the engine bay - the alt/water
pump/ crank belt was no where to be seen.  I saw it a 1/4 mile down the road
in 2 pieces!  Anyway - couldn;t get the PS belt loose to remove so I cut it
and got my spare belt from the trunk - didn;t have proper wrnech to adjust
the alternator so the belt would fit so I managed to pry it on over the main
pulley - it was a little loose but it got us home.

All new belts (the old ones were only about 5 years/30,000 miles old) and
now all is well - but it has emphasized the need to do a detailed check of
the belts more often than I did.  I usually check things over about once a
month but since becoming disabled and no longer driving to work the 240D was
being used less & less & I obviously wasn;t checking things often enough.

  It always starts instantly (without block heater) in weather to the
teens - but it seems quieter now that it has new belts.  Anyway - take a few
minutes to examine your belts - it ain;t NO fun to work on the side of the
road!  I feel *very* fortunate to have been able to wrestle the belt back
over the pulleys so we could get home without a tow.  I've also updated my
tool kit to include wrenches needed to loosen & retighten the alternator.  I
can easily get along with out AC and PS - but we ain;t going NO where
without the water pump.  Oh yeah, I'm glad I had a razor to cut the PS
belt - made life easier -

Larry T ('74 911, '67 MGB, 78 240D - 287k)

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