All this talk about front ends and PM here is my list on the W126, let me
know if I missed anything. 

Actually what I have found on W126 bodies is that when you purchase them you
need the W126 repair kit which includes:

Both guide rod bushings/bearings
New lower ball joints (special press required)
New idler arm 
New center drag link
New left and right outer tie rod assemblies
New shocks
New steering damper
Reseal PS box if needed.
Rear sway bar arms/adapters
New breaks
Left and right Motor mount
Fuel Filter(s)
Oil Filter
Air Filter
Plug, Cap, Rotor, Wires (Gas engines) 
Valve cover gasket(s) 
Cam oil tube plastic pieces, especially on gas models
Timing chain, if car has over 150k 
Water pump, if car is over 150k
Diesel Purge (diesels)
Air cleaner mounts (diesels and gas models)
Oil filter 'o' ring (diesels)
Replace oil filter to block gasket (diesels OM617)
Injector overflow hoses (diesels) get spares
Rubber fuel lines (Front and rear diesels) 
Rear high pressure fuel line (gas models) *** Very important ***
Door check straps
Foot well lights under door
Wiper blades
Brushes for alternator
New belts
New radiator hoses
New breaks, rotors, and front wheel bearings as needed. 
Brake dust shields for front wheels
Transmission gear selector bushing
Transmission filter kit
Piece of tin to bolt on transmission mount so oil leak does not hit exhaust.

New set of fuses
Spare Blower motor fuse
Spare Bulbs (especially little odd tail light ones) 
If trip odometer broken then 
Check mono valve, replace if needed
Hood pad
New floor mats
Repair all broken power windows and switches
Exhaust hangers and spares
Any buttons gone on power seat switches that are gone 
Replace sticker on HVAC temperature wheel
Service Differential
Resolder cruise control
Check/replace center HVAC vacuum actuators
Resolder HVAC vacuum solenoids on 1987 and newer (cut open black box to find
Check replace idle speed control system (gas models)
Check replace fuse in over voltage protection relay (OVP relay)
Replace ignition switch (mechanical part, yes it is bad)
Replace springs in driver's front seat if needed
Replace horse hair in driver's front seat (it is needed) 
Transmission rebuild and new B2 as needed.
Drive shaft flex joints

Did I miss anything?


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