Curly.Don't think I'll chance it. If it came loose it would, at least bore a 
hole in the hood, whilst giving me the choice of new underwear.

Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred.

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> Subject: Re: [MBZ] Was, wherez my Paatz.
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> >Alles.Last night I said that these things come in threes. Well #3 
> >was that this morning the olde and rusty '87 300TD was stone dead, 
> >no lights, no start, again.Broken ground strap. Wait for it. As I 
> >was replacing the ground strap, it came to my attention that the 
> >whole cap of the shock tower was moving in unison with my wrench. 
> >Sh*t!It is almost adrift, which explains the occasional shimmy in 
> >the front end.Visions of flying off the road with my grand daughter 
> >yesterday played in my head.Maybe somebody up there is trying to get 
> >my attention! Thank you!
> >Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred.                    
> >_______________________________________
> I had that happen in my old 110 rustbucket 190Dc winter car.  I took 
> pieces of sheet metal, and self drilling sheet metal screws and 
> stabilized the shock tower.  I drove it that way a couple more years 
> until the car was permanently retired.   The 124, where the strut is 
> also the suspension may be a little more tricky, but I am sure you 
> can manufacture something to keep the strut bearing in place, M/L.

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