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> Ditto's - But I guess it's common knowledge on this forum that the old "Change
> at 3000" was an advertising gimmick with no basis in fact. 

I think of it as historical basis. 
It was probably a very good idea with a non-feedback carburetor and API SE grade
oil. By the end of the 1980s, all the manufacturers were recommending 7500 miles
on most cars, and all the service managers were promising you swift engine death
if you dared follow factory recommendations, they either had their heads stuck
in their 40 years of professional experience with obsolete cars and oils, or
were worried about losing half their oil change business. 

I'm driving a 2007 Saturn a lot now. It's the only time I've had an oil life
monitor which does not give the driver a clue as to the oil status until the
'change oil now' notice appears. It's still happy that I changed the oil 9
months and 10,000+ miles ago. I prefer the other GM cars that give a percent of
life remaining (the local Chevy dealer has convinced my father that you have to
change it when the monitor reads 50%), or the MB way of giving an estimate of
remaining miles on the oil life. 



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