Holy cats, this guy is, how you say, on crack. The thing "pulls hills"? With 70 gallons of fuel and with passengers and an automatic? Did he fail to mention the twin turbo chargers?

More like 45 gallons.

Good to see what your car looks like, Jim.

More like: "...car used to look like"!

Anybody got (or could take) a detailed photo of the throttle
linkage mess atop the valve cover?  I want to see how the
extra linkage stuff I found in the trunk fits on, so I can
hook up the idle knob and cruise actuator.  This is a 79 240D,
without vacuum to the tranny.  It has the around-the-engine-in-
80-days throttle linkage, a vestige of the throttle butterfly
system, rather than the ball-socket torque rod that came later.

-- Jim

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