I'd be happy to take and  send you pictures of the throttle linkage of
my '79 240D. I am not sure if I have that type of linkage you are
looking for or not-mine is a series of rods with pivots that goes over
top of the valve cover. If that's it' let me know and I'll happy to
shoot and send. My brother has a 78 which might have the earlier type of

That's it, probably.  Both vintages have bunches of Rube Goldberg crap
on top of the valve cover, the difference is on which side the throttle
pedal force is applied.  In the older style the linkage runs along the
firewall to the right side, forward to a pivot at the exhaust manifold,
up (via a dogleg) to the valve cover, over the top, then finally down to
the IP. There's extra crap bolted here and there for cruise, idle adjust,
stop lever, AT.  This as described is the one I'm looking for, detailed
photos of the mess at the top specifically.  (You can see how this is
handy for throttle-plate-equipped machines like gassers or older
diesels like the Frankenheap, where most of that linkage needn't
be there.)

The newer style has the linkage run forward (as a torque rod) from the
firewall, and then is linked here and there upwards to the valve cover
for whatever reasons.  I have examples of this style, no photos are
required.  Thanks!

-- Jim

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