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------------ METACARD IDE POLL -----------

Development (up to, but not including standalone/web/mobile deployment)
1) What percent of the time do you use the MC IDE for LiveCode development,
and what percent do you use the LiveCode IDE?

Mine is an odd case, since shortly after having the same project burnout Klaus had with the MC IDE I began expanding my devolution toolkit into a full-fledged IDE.

It's been a bit of a hodge-podge over the years, with various iterations named "m2" (2nd-gen MC) and the latest is "nC" (which can mean "NeXT Card", or "NadaCard", or "Not Completed", depending on one's mood <g>). The "NeXT" reference will become clear when you see it - more on that later.

Standalone building is possible in nC, but not especially usable yet. Graphic Effects are supported, along with Gradients, behaviors, etc., and these are all done in a modular way that will allow them to work in MC as well, so we have lots of options for expansion going forward.

2) If you use the LiveCode IDE at all, what do you use it for, and why?

I use LC only for testing bugs, to pin down differences between engine and IDE issues. Before I updated my standalone builder to use LiveCode-compliant properties I used to use LC for building standalones for the few clients who require it, but these days with the new SB I can build anywhere and LC can find what it needs to build there too.

I'm aware that the current standalone builder in the MC IDE doesn't work
with the latest engines. With that in mind:

1) Do you build standalones with the MC IDE at all (either because you're
using an older version of MC or because you made your own standalone

2) Do you build standalones with the LiveCode IDE? If so, is it because you
can't with the MC IDE or because you prefer the LiveCode IDE? If you prefer
it, then why do you prefer it?

3) What percent of your projects are to be deployed to the web plugin?

Zero. There's nothing it provides my my clients that we can't do with less effort and greater flexibility using a standalone and downloaded stacks, or writing custom UIs in browser-native JS.

I'll go out on a limb to predict RevWeb gets EOL'd within 24 months. Maybe that's just wishful thinking. ;) It's a huge time sink with little practical benefit that can't be provided by other means better (see what RB's been doing with web deployment, what ToolBook did 15 years ago).

4) What percent of your projects are to be deployed to a mobile device?

Currently only one project, but I expect that number to grow this year now that RunRev is making such good progress on Android.

------------ END POLL -----------

Thanks for your answers! It will help drive the direction of the IDE...

 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Media Corporation

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