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In keeping with RunRev's commitment to the MC IDE, Oliver Kenyon provided the necessary info to allow us to use the new engine-based standalone building process in v4.0 and later.

I checked my mails to the Metacard list and found that I had sent 6 mails on the subject of standalone building between Sept 7 to 9, 2009, referring among other things to comments made by Oliver Canyon concerning bug #2217 and a patched Rev stack also concerning standalone building. Klaus Major and you participated in that discussion as did others.

But this information from Oliver Canyon was apparently not sufficient, why else had Klaus encountered so many difficulties in writing a standalone builder?

Could you possibly point out where we could find this "necessary info" from Oliver Canyon, if it was available it surely escaped me?. This and the difficulties of Klaus - there are other reasons as I understand and deplore on the side of Klaus - led me to assume that there unfortunately had *not* been sufficient information from the RunRev side to build a new MC-compatible standalone builder

As I noted earlier, I've been using this info to make a new standalone builder, which I'll donate to the MC IDE project.

Richard, this is really great news. Many, many thanks to you for this "donation"!

I should note that mine only builds desktop standalones, and does not support RevWeb or mobile at this time. I'll probably get around to adding mobile support, but RevWeb is of no interest to me so if anyone wants that they'll have to add it to the donated stack once it's available.

I think a desktop standalone builder is a giant step forward at the moment. Add-ons for web and mobile development could follow later if really needed.
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Again, thank you Richard and best regards,

Wilhelm Sanke

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