>In all fairness to RunRev, it's not an easy change.  And I would even go 
>so far as to say it was a useful change, actually necessary as far as 
>RevWeb is concerned and also UAC, and also helpful for both RunRev's 
>license protection and for the MC IDE, since now the engine does all the 
>bit-level stuff (binding the engine, embedding icons, embedding UAC 
>info, etc.).

Does it? Great! The windows icon stuff was a headache when I did it. I had to 
re-order the ico file to match the order of whatever software RunRev had used 
to make theirs. Back then after contracting to them to reinvent the SB I just 
volunteered my time to update MC. That was probably the lsst time I ran MC :-)

Unfortunately I'm a bit more time deprived these days or I'd offer to help now.



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