On 3/30/11 12:52 PM, Wilhelm Sanke wrote:

Apparently the - somehow privileged - information received from RunRev
was not comprehensive enough to let Richard and Klaus create a new
standalone builder at once. Richard needed several contacts with more
than one person and additionally trial and error processes as he writes.

And we had to wait one and a half year until finally we now got the
prospect to see this new standalone builder soon.

Blame me for that, not RunRev. They provided this info long ago, but during all this time the number of requests for an updated MC SB here - or just about any other enhancement - has been close to zero. As far as I could tell the only folks still using MC was just Ken, Klaus, and I, and even after the recent round of discussions we still see only about a dozen people using it. So with all the client work I've had keeping me busy and no evident use of MC here, my time has been spent accordingly.

Oliver provided the info we asked for almost as soon as we asked for it. I can't expect any better than that.

Any delays in getting a working SB to you fall on me, not RunRev. They've done their part, promptly and helpfully.

Now that we see some activity here I'm happy to get back to it, but let's please remember that this is a community-driven process in which MC enhancements come at the expense of paying work. Klaus has done a wonderful job adding the stuff he has, and I appreciate Ken taking the lead this time around. But all that work is donated, paid for by their client work, and for the benefit of a notably small and ever-smaller MC user base.

So I apologize for taking the nearly complete inactivity on this list at face value, and will do my best to make this latest contribution as quickly as time permits. But please, let's keep RunRev out of it, at least as far as blame-hunting goes.

While overall it could be stated that Revolution/Livecode has indeed
improved considerably over time, there are still features that are not
up to par or have even deteriorated, among them the support for the MC

MC is an open source project outside of RunRev's role. It's not theirs to maintain, it's ours.

What would you like to contribute?

At that time - 2004 - RunRev had also given up its principle to allow
the possibility of total customization of the Rev IDE (a principle
introduced and observed by Scott Raney for Metacard) by encrypting the
standalone builder.

Right, but as I noted earlier they've since fixed this by moving the build process into the engine.

If sufficiently motivated I suppose one could make a case that this move to engine-based building is also somehow an anti-MC plot from RunRev - but what would be the motivation?

Trust me, they have bigger fish to fry than picking on us.

I've seen nothing worse than disinterest from RunRev with regard to MC, and often some very direct support of our effort even though it has almost nothing to do with their business plan. Never have I seen any indication of any attempt to thwart MC.

I have never fully understood and accepted the protection of the Rev
Standalone Builder. I know they give reasons pertaining to licensing
procedures, and they want to prevent that someone circumvents the
embedded licensing procedures and builds his own product and then
competes with Revolution, but I believe these fears are unfounded, as
there are surely means to guarantee a proper licensing process without
necessarily encrypting the standalone builder.

It's happened once before, with SuperCard and Digital Chisel. I can't blame RunRev for not wanting to be the second example.

And, would it be possible to get access to the privileged information
Richard and Klaus received for creating the MC standalone builder? I
would really like to know - and I think others, too - how the standalone
file is being attached to a stack. And I assure sincerely that I am not
intending to produce a competing product.

Offhand I don't think that would be a problem, but I'm not Kevin so I should probably run the request by him first.

He'll probably ask what the purpose is, esp. given that an updated SB for MC is already well underway. What should I tell him?

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