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In all fairness to RunRev, it's not an easy change.  And I would even go
so far as to say it was a useful change, actually necessary as far as
RevWeb is concerned and also UAC, and also helpful for both RunRev's
license protection and for the MC IDE, since now the engine does all the
bit-level stuff (binding the engine, embedding icons, embedding UAC
info, etc.).

Does it? Great! The windows icon stuff was a headache when I did it. I had to 
re-order the ico file to match the order of whatever software RunRev had used 
to make theirs. Back then after contracting to them to reinvent the SB I just 
volunteered my time to update MC. That was probably the lsst time I ran MC :-)

Unfortunately I'm a bit more time deprived these days or I'd offer to help now.

That's okay, you're earlier work helping us sort out the icon embedding for Windows and other tedious bit-counting tasks several versions ago was an extraordinarily helpful effort that served us well for many years. You've more than paid your dues. :)

Wilhelm, Monte's participation is another example of RunRev's support of MC. I don't know if his work has been given the credit it's due here on this list, but while he was working under contract with RunRev to make what is their current standalone builder he provided a LOT of very useful code to help us with embedding the new icon sizes for Windows and related details needed for that version. While he did this on his own time and outside of the direction of RunRev, the folks at RR were aware of his contributions and had no problem with them at all, and in part the code he delivered for MC was very similar to what delivered to RunRev. When I spoke with Kevin at the time he seemed quite pleased that we were able to work that out and keep MC current with RR's new capabilities.

Monte, I'll risk redundancy because your efforts warrant the recognition: thanks again for the help you provided during the last major change to MC's SB. Many of us have contributed code to MC, but your contributions involved bit-level tedium that a lesser man would not have attempted. :)

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