On 12/13/11 10:33 AM, Ken Ray wrote:
This appears to be an engine bug, introduced some time in the 4.x series.

A change of this scope cannot be assumed to be a feature, probably
rightly considered a bug, and should be addressed in the engine.

Has this been filed as a bug report?

Actually it was introduced in 4.6.4; prior to that (going back to MC 3.5
at least), only buttons were created with a default name - all other
objects were created without one. So LC 5 made it "consistent"
(theoretically), but definitely unexpected, and with the possiblity of
breaking scripts. I don't think it was logged as a bug, though...

Yes, going back to v3.5 I can see this was for buttons only.

Since the change makes the behavior consistent among object types, I'm no longer confident that it should be considered a bug.

Sometimes we have to be willing to accept a few changes to our scripts to see the language improve. I think this is one of those instances.

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