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* With MetaCard 2.5, above a [few] thousand cards, performance slowed
down dramatically.

Is Rev faster than this? Can Rev handle tens-of-thousands of cards?
Would it require Valentina? Does Rev support mySQL databases ?

For that many cards you should still use a database. Valentina is a commercial option but not required. LiveCode ships with drivers for mySQL, ODBC, Oracle, postgresql, and sqlite.

* MetaCard started in the UNIX world, was then ported to windows,
then ported to Mac. Does Rev run on Linux? Does Rev run on Debian ?

Yes, though the Linux product has some catching up to do. There is more effort being put into it recently. Several people on the LiveCode list use Linux varieties exclusively and often offer help and support. There are some required libraries and not all combinations work perfectly. The engine is optimized for a standard Ubuntu installation.

* Rev's web plugin is available for which browsers ?

It's been discontinued. The last version only runs on browsers in 32-bit mode, which few do any more.

* Is there a Rev licence that allows standalones ? If so, how much
does it cost ?

There are lots of options and all allow you to build standalones. They have just implemented a pay-as-you-go option that allows you to use the product by the month at a low cost, but if you plan to stick with it for more than a few months, the perpetual license is a better buy. The pricing grid is here: <http://www.runrev.com/store/>

* Best way(s) to learn LiveCode ?

The scripting conference stacks, the User Guide, the dictionary, and most of all, the forums and mailing list. You won't have much trouble, you already know the language and syntax. Your biggest hurdle will be unlearning some HC things that are done differently for cross-platform compatibility.

Thanks y'all, and I hope that I will be joining you soon,  :)

I hope so too. Most everyone is over there now.

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