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I am coming like "hair in the soup"... about Carancas, seeing the just recent exchanges :) but following the post about Staten Island today I did some search on NYTimes website

and got to this article from 2007 in the first 10 hits:

Was the Arsenic theory ever proven ?
Did anybody from the List, on site at the time, remember a "like garlic" smell, which is typical for most of arsenic forms ? (Although, some forms or in small quantities would not yield a strong garlic smell)

If not, any further studies and lab test about that smell ?

Peru has been the place for a lot of mining waste recycling from US and elsewhere. Copper, gold, silver ores can contain quite some Arsenic (in Philippines up to 14% !) I remember also Tacoma, Washington, where we got to the "arsenic kitchen" site from an old smelter place (beginning 20th century)... the underground soil smelt like a huge pot of cooked garlic :)

I know... it is not the main interest on this list.
But having been quite active in arsenic cleaning in soils and groundwater... I enjoy seeing
this Carancas story including probable (?) arsenic release

A bientot
Michael B, France

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