On 07/12/14 21:51, Joel Rees wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 7:09 PM, Riley Baird
> <bm-2cvqnduybau5do2dfjtrn7zbaj246s4...@bitmessage.ch> wrote:
>>>>>> I have a few questions about OpenBSD's trademark policy. (I tried
>>>>>> looking, but I couldn't find a document.)
>>>>>> 1. What is OpenBSD's stance on allowing derivative distros to keep the
>>>>>> name "OpenBSD" throughout the system?
>>>>> It's a ton of work to change the name. I'm curious why you want to
>>>>> create a derivative distro? Besides all kinds of subtle breakage in
>>>>> the base system, many ports will break/stop working properly.
>>>> I agree entirely. For this reason, I think it would be best to keep
>>>> system internals (e.g. uname, includes, etc.) using the name OpenBSD
>>>> with only the main user-visible parts changed to a new name.
>>> Don't think too far ahead. but do talk to a lawyer if you decide to
>>> try to publish a derivative.
>>> (I think you do understand that you have to leave the opyright notices
>>> as they are, but that's not the worst of the problems. If you have the
>>> money for an hour or two of consultation, you should find a good
>>> lawyer to talk it over with. Won't solve every problem, but it will
>>> leave you in a better position to seek solutions.)
>> I see your point, but I'm just wondering - if you are recommending that
>> I get a lawyer, is that because such a distro would upset the OpenBSD
>> community so much that someone would try to take legal action against me?
> That's not what I'm thinking about, no. (But I am not a voice for this
> community, either.)
> "Intellectual property" is easy to get confused by, in no small part
> because the current laws and practices are essentially attempting to
> undo several centuries of progress making laws and reality match.
> Sometimes you do what seems to make sense and it has the opposite
> effect of what you intended.

I really can't afford a lawyer. Which is really unfortunate, because it
would probably make the situation clearer.

>> I don't want to do anything that would hurt the community, so if
>> feelings about this are that strong, then I won't do it. But really, I
>> think that taking legal action over something like this is an overreaction.
>>>> As for why I want to create the distro, I think that OpenBSD has
>>>> excellent security, and I would like to create a version without the
>>>> binary-only microcode included.
>>> The openbsd team has a pretty good track record at deciding which
>>> binary blobs can be put up with. They also have a relatively good
>>> track record with persuading companies to open up their source.
>>> Relatively. :-(
>>> I'm not sure, but I'd guess no one else in the libre/opensource
>>> community can claim a better record.
>> Agreed. Thanks for that! (Especially, I like Theo's method of screaming
>> at manufacturers - because surprisingly, it *actually worked*.)
> That's not quite the way I remember it.
> I would rather describe it as "use of diplomacy".

I was trying to give a compliment, not an insult :) I'll save my insults
for later :P This is kind of unrelated, but Torvalds gave Nvidia the
finger and said "Nvidia, fuck you" during a speech because of binary
drivers: http://www.wired.com/2012/06/torvalds-nvidia-linux/ Now, Nvidia
is starting to contribute to the open-source Nouveau driver project.

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