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>>in my case, a USB stick would be actually useful for installing machines
>>-- unlike the CD sets (I haven't had a working optical drive in the last
>>5+ years). Any chance for 5.9?
> I would buy an official release on USB or preferably sd card, if it
> was on offer. Presumably the production costs would be less as well.

Cloning CDs from a master is something that can be farmed out
relatively easily. Writing an image to USB/SD, not so much, especially
when you're going to want that to be done securely.

> (And also.. not liking to complain, but the last two CD releases have
> had irritating bugs in them. Disc 2 of 5.7 was fubar, and had to be
> replaced, and the source tree on 5.8 wasn't correct either. At least on
> flash memory, problems could be cheaply and easily corrected at the last
> minute ;-) )

Who is going to update these? Especially at short notice.

>>(Making them unconditionally read-only would be probably a good thing,
> This, too, I see a value in.

And who is going to trust this? There's a significantly higher bar
to invisibly tampering with a pressed and printed CD than a USB stick.
(Also it kind-of makes the previous request an impossibility...)

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