On 11/15, Predrag Punosevac wrote:
> Patrick Marchand wrote:
> > I'll be playing around with DragonflyBSD Hammer2 (and multiple offsite
> > backups) for a home NAS over the next few weeks. I'll probably do a
> > presentation about the experience at the Montreal BSD user group
> > afterwards. It does not require as many ressources as ZFS or BTRFS,
> > but offers many similar features.
> >
> Been there, done that!
Cool ! I might ping you off-list with questions when I get to it.

> H2 lacks built in backup mechanism. I was hoping that H2 will get some
> kind "hammer mirror-copy" of H1, or "zfs send/receive". My server is
> still on H1 and I really enjoy being able to continuously back it up.
> That's the only thing I am missing in H2. On the positive note H2 did
> get support for boot environment manager last year.
> https://github.com/newnix/dfbeadm
> Also DF jails are stuck in 2004 or something like that. I like their
> NFSv3.
I'm not planning on using jails much, instead I'll be using the
DFly NFS with OpenBSD to experiment with virtualization.

> DragonFly which gets it software RAID discipline through old
> unmaintained FreeBSD natacontrol utility. Hardware RAID cards are not
> frequently tested and community seems to be keen on treating DF as a
> desktop OS rather than a storage workhorse. Having said that HDD are
> cheap this days and home users probably don't need anything bigger than
> a 12TB mirror.
I dont store much anyways, so I'll see as I go.


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