thank you all for comments.

I am restoring backup to my new OpenBSD based home NAS as of writing this.

Why I have decided to go this route and not with other option like ZFS:
- FFS seems to be reliable and stable enough for my purpose. ZFS is too complicated and bloated (of course it has its advantages), however major factor for me has been that it is not possible to encrypt ZFS natively on FreeBSD as of now. I am also more comfortable with Open BSD than with Free BSD. I did not want to go with Linux at all. - I have installed Open BSD on an external unencrypted USB stick. So that I don’t need to have access to the box in case of restart. Main data NAS disk is 2TB internal one in the box (Zotac nano), which is encrypted. I can easily mount it via SSH in case of restart. Backups are automated via rsync to the encrypted external hardware RAID disks. Using DUIDs for all drives.
- I do keep offsite backup as well.

I have tested this setup in the last couple of days before going all in. So far so good. Performance is plenty acceptable for my usage. Mounting the NAS storage via SSHFS on client machines (Macs and OpenBSDs) works flawlessly and speed is also OK.

Thanks again


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I tried a home NAS with ZFS, then BTRFS. Those filesystems needs tons of RAM (~1 GB of RAM by TB of disk), preferably ECC.
I found it very expensive for home usage, so I wouldn't recommend it.
Recovy systems were also inexistent at the time (no btrfsck), I don't know if it has improved since.

I ended with LVM : cheap to implement and very easy to extend. I am very happy with it.


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My experience with ZFS (FreeNAS for the most part) is that it becomes more "expensive" to expand your pool after the fact (for a couple of different reasons, see below), but if 5TB is all you're ever going to need in this specific case, I think you should be fine and can take advantage of ZFS features like you said.

I have sources for this at home (a couple of articles and link to a forum thread), but these are saved on my desktop at home. Just let me know and I'll share them with you later.

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Hi guys,

I am setting up a home NAS for five users. Total amount of data stored
on NAS will not exceed 5 TB.
Clients are Macs and OpenBSD machines, so that SSHFS works fine from
both (no need for NFS or Samba).
I am much more familiar and comfortable with OpenBSD than with FreeBSD.
My dilema while stating the above is as follows:

Will the OpenBSD’s UFS stable and reliable enough for intended
purpose? NAS will consist of just one encrypted drive, regularly
backed to hardware RAID encrypted two-disks drive via rsync.

Should I byte the bullet and build the NAS on FreeBSD taking advantage
of ZFS, snapshots, replications, etc? Or is this an overkill?

BTW my most important data is also backed off-site.

Thank you in advance for your comments.



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