Since I'm getting off-list questions from more than one person,
I'll post here as well.

On 11/15, Patrick Marchand wrote:
> I'll be playing around with DragonflyBSD Hammer2 (and multiple offsite
> backups) for a home NAS over the next few weeks. I'll probably do a
> presentation about the experience at the Montreal BSD user group afterwards.
> It does not require as many ressources as ZFS or BTRFS, but offers many
> similar features.

It's brand spanking new and I havent advertised much beyond Mastodon
and l'Agenda du Libre. (Somebody at work posted it in the work owned
meetup, but that's not a platform I want as a main base).

The actual link for the next event (on the 27th of november) is
here: https://agendadulibre.qc.ca/events/2050, I'm planning it as
a free (as in free of scheduled activities) session where people
will have access to food, drinks and wifi so they can ask configuration
questions, install a BSD, work on a port, etc..

We've had one meeting already (https://agendadulibre.qc.ca/events/2038),
where I presented my experience with building an OpenBSD based home
router and we had a round table of discussion on BSD systems in
general. Including me and two work colleagues, we were 10 people
(I honestly thought nobody would come at first, so I'm happy!).
I'll post the slides online soon.

Format wise I'm thinking of holding it monthly, alternating
presentations and free sessions. Presentations can be given in the
language of your choice, but french is encouraged. Nothing is set
in stone yet, so we'll see how it evolves. I do need to create a
website, mailing list and caldav for it, but for now questions and
ideas for presentations can be sent to m...@patrickmarchand.com or
@mathuin@bsd.network (mastodon)

Au plaisir

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