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I tried a home NAS with ZFS, then BTRFS. Those filesystems needs tons of RAM 
(~1 GB of RAM by TB of disk), preferably ECC.

For NAS you prefer ECC anyway and 1 GB RAM consumption per 1 TB of drive is urban legend probably passed by folks using deduplication. OP even does not list dedup requirements so I'd leave that out of table and reduce whatever ZFS RAM usage is by appropriate ZFS option. Years ago I started using ZFS on 1GB RAM/AMD Athlon 64 and it was fine, I just lowered ZFS cache RAM limit a bit.

I found it very expensive for home usage, so I wouldn't recommend it.

I'm running it on several workstations (SunOS/Linux) and most importantly (for OP) also on very old wife's computer (athlon x2, 4GB RAM -- only!) and it runs fine. Wife's computer is primary example since up to recently I've got several checksum errors on it per week (btw all computers with ZFS are running RAID1 mirror to support self-healing) which I fixed after several months by switching to new SATA cables. But anyway, ZFS saved quite a lot of data form errors which would go unnoticed if she would run anything else (well besides btrfs and my experimental RAID1 softraid with checksumming I'm tinkering on another box here. :-)

Recovy systems were also inexistent at the time (no btrfsck), I don't know if 
it has improved since.

I ended with LVM : cheap to implement and very easy to extend. I am very happy 
with it.

And bitrot solution?


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