On 2019-11-14 15:26, Jan Betlach wrote:

Hi guys,

I am setting up a home NAS for five users. Total amount of data stored on NAS will not exceed 5 TB. Clients are Macs and OpenBSD machines, so that SSHFS works fine from both (no need for NFS or Samba).
I am much more familiar and comfortable with OpenBSD than with FreeBSD.
My dilema while stating the above is as follows:

Will the OpenBSD’s UFS stable and reliable enough for intended purpose?

Software-wise, OpenBSD's UFS is probably rock solid. The only possible issues reported going years back is usage of softdep which is not switched on by default so you don't need to worry anyway.

NAS will consist of just one encrypted drive, regularly backed to hardware RAID encrypted two-disks drive via rsync.

I'm not sure this is the best strategy.

Should I byte the bullet and build the NAS on FreeBSD taking advantage of ZFS, snapshots, replications, etc? Or is this an overkill?

ZFS is never overkill. Be you, I would consider to use ZFS for NAS with 2 drives in RAID1 -- so self healing is usable if some drive or cable is not healthy enough. And then backup that to another ZFS box with again 2 drive in RAID1. If you would use kind of similar OSes there with the same ZFS level support, then you would be even able to use zfs send/receive functionality which will easy/speedup a lot your NAS backups to the backup server/NAS.


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