On 09/15/2017 03:15 AM, Sébastien Blaisot wrote:
If you have a single Asio soundcard (one with a real Asio driver, not asio4all) you should use Asio, because it bypassed all windows software layers for direct access to the hardware, offering the best latency.

If we assume that only a minority of users have such a device, we can consider to change the default API.

Troubles begin when a user has an ASIO-only device and a WDM-only device. (such as an ASIO-only controller with integrated sound and the internal soundcard.
Using both needs a additionnal layer like ASIO4ALL.

Considering most sound cards today, including the ones built into controllers, are USB audio class compliant, this would rarely be the case. So I think we should default to WDM-KS and advise to use ASIO if using a 4 output sound card that has an ASIO driver from the manufacturer.

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