​Soundcards integrated on controllers tend to offer an ASIO driver in order
to give better latency.

The way this driver is implemented depends on the brand and maybe also on

Generally, the driver allows to switch to ASIO mode or to WDM mode. This
means that such soundcard cannot be used at the same time as ASIO and as

In my case, the controller Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx has one such driver,
and by default it is set to WDM, so that it can be used with Windows as a
soundcard. If one opens the Hercules control panel, there is the option to
switch to ASIO and back (as well as other things like volume and jog

In case of the Pioneer DDJ SB2 , there is also a driver that can be used as
ASIO and as WDM, but AFAIK, in this case it is setup to ASIO by default,
since they thought that the user will want to use it with the DJ software,
which is configured with ASIO by default.

Overall, I also found that using WDM-KS with Mixxx on Windows is a good
thing. ( KS is supported since Windows XP, so in terms of compatibility, it
is as good as MME or Directsound), and if someone needs ASIO, it should
know how that it needs to enable it.

Maybe what we could add is a warning if it detects that different
soundcards have been selected when choosing ASIO, until Mixxx gets the
capability to do so.
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