On 03/11/2008 7:01:59 PM +0100, Tobias Wiersch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> first of all: I solved it.

very glad to see it's working!

> Debian is a "little" conservative with the upgrade of versions.
> So Sarge is running the old 1.05 and Etch (latest Debian-release!) is 
> running the old 1.10.
> Phew...

Do they even use Apache 2.x ? (OK I'm really not a Debian guy :)) But 
they would better not make a package for mod_fcgid if they can't 
maintain it, or maybe popping a "old and unmaintained" message before 
installing such a package because the last 1.x release was 2 years ago!
(BTW, from the changelog: "avoid the 1-second sleep the first time a 
process is spawned". I didn't figured it out, because I was sure you had 
a 2.x version)

It may be obvious, but there is major changes between 1.x and 2.x. The 
rule of thumb with this kind of software (I mean, not sponsored, without 
official binaries) is to get the last version before trying anything else.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy using the current version without 
additionnal bugs. Tell us if you have any.


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