On 03/10/2008 7:53:10 PM +0100, Tobias Wiersch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yes, the results were from 2 servers.
> The Etch-server has the problem. I wrote the results from the sarge 
> server only to show the difference.

can you tell what is the mod_fcgid version on each server? If the 
version is the same, you may be facing the same bug on each server, but 
for some reason it's not triggered on Debian Sarge.

Anyway, if it's a bug and we have to relase an update, you'll have to 
compile from source and not from packages...

>> What you need to do to isolate the problem is leave PHP alone because 
>> you have the start delay even without it. calling exit() within suexec 
>> or returning just before the execv is a good test case.
>> Can you test on your 2 servers with the patched suexec? Test multiple 
>> times with apache stop or reboot commands between to be sure the delay 
>> is the same. 
> Ok, on Etch:
> real    0m1.010s
> (always the same because the fastcgi-link to php can't be established 
> because of the exit() at the beginning of suexec)

very good to know, except if the module on etch is an old version. Have 
you set the same fcgid directives in your apache configuration?

> On Sarge:
> real    0m0.005s
> (same patched suexec)
>> Are you installing mod_fcgid with the automated system (apt-get) or 
>> compiling from source? 
> I use the standard-debian package because I don't want to re-compile the 
> packages after every security fix.
> Do you think the problem is fixed in the later releases?

AFAIK Etch is newer than Sarge (I'm *really* not a Debian expert, made 
my own OS), so the fcgid module is probably newer as well. Last version 
is 2.2 and some hardcoded variables related to the scoring (the 
mechanism which determines if a new fastcgi application has to be 
spawned) have been changed.

BTW, have you got anything related to mod_fcgid in your error log? You 
have to log some info or debug level errors in your apache config. Maybe 
you will find some interesting stuff.


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