ok, next problem :-)
It seems very similar:

- I call a php-script with only "echo 'test';" in it - always below 50ms 
(locally AND remote)
- I call a php-script with more content (~2KB)
locally: below 50ms
remote: ~ 1 second

It's getting stranger:
When I reload the longer page a couple of time (remote!), sometimes the 
page will also load in less than 50ms.
To be sure that this isn't a problem of my internet connection, I tested 
the same with a short and long pure HTML-page to check if it is 
HTML-pages are ALWAYS loaded very fast (less than 50ms) - it makes no 
difference if I load a 10 byte or a 4KB HTML-page.
I tested it several times. Always the same result.

The question is:
Why is there a difference with long php-scripts when called locally and 
remotly and why the effect only shows up with php-pages and not 
html-pages? How can this be?
Is this a known problem?

Currently I use the latest version.


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