As far as you can tell? Sue *tore a building down* in response to the
smoking ban. She evicted her flower-shop neighbor (who she really liked, and
was heartbroken about it) to tear down the shop to build a patio. Kind of
hard to notice a building being torn down. Stub and Herb's happens to be a
clean, and pleasant bar with good staff (who all hate the smoking ban, by
the by).

By the way, I don't drink coffee, and hate the smell of it (I suspect that
there are harmful chemicals present in the vapor rising from hot coffee).
Maybe we should ban that next, and then, YOU and anyone who likes to drink
coffee in public places can adapt to that, or "be left out in the cold,"
with me and the rest of the smokers. I bet I could hire the same hacks that
do ETS "studies" to do a coffee vapor study, and come up with alarming

Dan McGrath

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> Perhaps Ms. Jeffers problem is that she owns a dirty rundown bar in an
> teeming with well-run alternatives. As far as I can tell Stub & Herb's has
> not made any effort at all to adapt to the cold weather and the smoking
>   Give it up and adapt, otherwise you'll be left out in the cold.
> Sean Ryan
> Logan Park

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