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We're about to see a Progressive Arts Tragedy occur. But we can yet avert it.

I got a call yesterday for the New York NLG that Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping will be HERE IN TOWN on Sunday 12/11, at Sabathani (310 E 38th St, Minneapolis) from 2 PM - 3:30. They will be here with Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) for both a fantastic show AND a fantastic direct action thereafter of potentially legendary proportions. The audience will be invited to participate but that's all I'm at liberty to say at the moment.

However, there's a problem. I was on the phone with Billy Talen this morning and found out that the person handling local publicity has really botched. Very few people know that he's coming. It's late-late-late, but I'm trying to help get the word out through the best Progressive medium - grass-roots word of mouth! (And yes, I've sent them off to KFAI and other venues, which I CAN'T BELIEVE weren't told a thing...)

So, I would hope that all you folks would join the fun, with very little effort, by -

- Spreading the word about the performance on your various email lists and listservs, and

- Coming to the performance (they SO kick butt!!!) on Sunday afternoon and considering joining what promises to be a terrific anti-corporate/anti- consumerism demo (and yes, the Guild will be there with observers) complete with chauffer service to the location from Sabathani.

This could be the most fun holiday event this year, so I do hope that you can make it and that you let others know! I will try to get more and better info out to more folks later. Their website is

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