Michael Atherton wrote
I see, so since my father died of a heart attack, I have
have the right to ban all fried foods eaten in public
places?  Not to mention most meat products.

Point: People have a choice to smoke or not smoke and
a choice of being exposed to secondhand smoke (except
for children and prisoners).

Your father sitting next to me, my children or grand children and indulging in heaping platters of meat and piles of french fries and onion rings does nothing to affect my or my families health in any way. He should be allowed to indulge in those activities as much as he likes.

But when he lights up a cigarette and the smoke drifts over where I or my children are forced to breathe it then his rights have ended.

As my favorite social studies teacher put it back in 9th grade, "Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins."

The same applies to cigarette smoke.  THAT is the Point.

Steve Nelson
Willard Hay
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