Can't take it anymore, have to jump back into this..the abortion analogy is a 
good one in my opinion:  It involves a personal choice which has serious 
implications for the choice-maker (both physical and psychological), as well as 
others affiliated with the choice-maker; in the case of abortion this choice 
not only impacts the fetus, but others such as the mother and father of the 
child, other relatives, etc..  I happen to be pro-choice and anti-abortion at 
the same time, which may seem to many like an irreconcilable conflict, but in 
fact is not; because for me the issue is not the morality or health 
implications involved, but the freedom to choose and right to privacy that I 
believe each of us is entitled to (no legal or constitutional debates, 
please.I'm not a lawyer, this is my opinion only).  That's why I find the whole 
positioning of the pro-ban camp so disingenuous.they argue public health when 
it suits their personal preferences, but flip to the "choice/privacy" argum
 ent with abortion when the health issues become unsavory.  I think this is 
really about a group of people who simply don't want to ever be bothered by 2nd 
hand smoke (insert the convenient "health" argument here) because they simply 
don't like it..and now have the overwhelming numbers and political momentum to 
do it. 
Which brings me to what bothers me the most about this whole debate.the fact 
that working class and working poor people who frequented neighborhood bars to 
unwind with a drink and a smoke, now have no place to go, no choice in this 
matter (and please don't respond by saying they can drink and smoke at's not the same, not by a long shot).  And here we are debating the 
economic impact of bar closings and liquor tax revenues..what a crock!  To all 
the arrogant, know-it-all liberals who've lamented the rise of conservatism and 
republican politics in this country the past 10 years, I have one thing to say: 
 Look in the mirror!  You've lost touch with the working middle class 
(historical constituency of the democratic party) and driven them over to the 
dark side in droves.  Wake up.
PS:  I neither smoke regularly nor frequent bars often
Peter Surmak
Linden Hills
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