> By the way, the folks I know going to Molly Quinn's when the ambience
> from an an old pub with outdoor beer garden to a poorly-disguised Embers
> surrounded by surface parking.
> Not that it wasn't worth ever going to in its latest incarnation, but I
> there's some pretty good reasons beyond smoking why they went under.

Nonsense. I know Matthew Lamphear, the *former* co-owner of Molly Quinn's.
Business was good, and on the rise before the ban. The new location was
taking off. Then the ban hit, and sales plummeted. Instantly. Matthew
believed all the crap about how the non-smokers would start coming out to
make up the loss, so he tried to hold on, and keep his people employed, by
financing payroll on credit cards. He held a fund-raiser to build a nice
outdoor patio to try to gain back some lost business. Ultimately, the
non-smokers didn't make up the loss, and Matthew is likely going to lose his
house as well as his business.

Thanks, do-gooders. You screwed over a really nice guy with a heart of gold
who was trying to do good for the neighborhood. I really liked that place.
The only Irish pub in the neighborhood... And over half of it was
non-smoking seating.

Dan McGrath

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