Thanks Andy and AMEN!

Can we all move on now?  Maybe this would be a good issue with which to
agree to disagree. Besides, didn't I see a request from the list manager to
pause on this subject?

Heidi Quezada

On 12/10/05, Andy Driscoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We are all the same voices saying the same things over and again believing
> somehow our positions will be contagious to our opposition.
> Smoking is dangerous to others as well as ourselves.
> So what? Don't tell me what I can do or not do.
> But what you do is affecting me and others.
> So what? It's your choice to be in this cloud.
> No. You're saying I have to tolerate this in a public place because you
> want
> "freedom."
> So what? It's a private place and the owner can allow whatever he/she
> wants.
> No. The health of his/her employees and customers who don't smoke is as
> much
> the owner's responsibility as the right to do business, and more important
> than the desire to allow smoking.
> So what? It's all a matter of choice and you should all butt out.Smoking
> bans are destroying legitimate business.
> No. You choose to do business with the public you have a responsibility
> for
> protecting that public when they enter your place of business‹just as much
> as the safety of the food and the storage and the surfaces subject to
> contamination. Besides, all evidence points to just the opposite ‹
> businesses are not closing because of the bans; they're thriving, except
> for
> those that are mismanaged in other ways, probably relying too much on
> alcohol to offset lousy money-handling.
> So what? The state, the government has no business telling bar owners and
> smokers how to run their lives.
> ----
> Full circle. Same stuff over and over. From all the same people, including
> yours truly. It will ever be thus.
> Fortunately, smoking ban opponents are whistling in the shower. The 80% of
> non-smokers who prefer clean air will prevail ‹ by law and by preference.
> The bar-owners and libertarians will conform or shut down. Better for all.
> Happy to close out my contributions.
> Andy Driscoll
> Saint Paul
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