On 03/03/17 19:30, DJ Delorie wrote:
> This has come up before, and here's what's going on... the new
> msp430-elf-gcc includes all the code required by the standard, partly
> because... well, standards...

> So you end up with things like "argv handling" when there's no command
> line, or "exit closes files" when you never exit.  A big change is using
> a float-enabled printf when you don't need it.

> Also, you can use "msp430-elf-gcc -mintr ..." to minimize the runtime
> support.
> Also, if you're REALLY constrained to size, you might consider getting
> the crt0.S source file from newlib and modifying it yourself to really
> strip out the parts you don't need.  Most embedded code really only
> needs to set up the stack and watchdog, then jump to main().

Thanks to all for the input.
This confirms what I suspected regarding newlib.
I will pursue rewriting crt0.S at some stage.
For now, I still can go back to an old OS with mspgcc as a stopgap.


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