On 06/03/17 16:58, Ben Green wrote:

>>From my understanding the .h files and the .ld files are not supposed to be 
>>in the same directory. When in installed msp430-gcc-support-files-1.198.zip I 
>>did this:

Curious, as the TI installer places them there (under 

> cp *.ld /opt/msp430-elf-
> cp *.h /opt/msp430-elf-

Makes sense - I'll try that.

> Now that does seem strange, I would have expected that to work, did you make 
> sure you were passing the argument to the linker and not GCC (though that 
> might not make any difference)... how about using the -L switch?
> -L /opt/msp430-elf- -T msp430g2231.ld

Yes, tried that too.

> Benjamin.

Yes, splitting the two worked, (I wonder why they installed into the 
same place?) thank you Ben.

 From David Schultz,

 > I include -Wl,-L$(SUPPORT_FILE_DIRECTORY) in the flags for gcc when
 > linking.

I had tried this, but no joy.

Now I have to find out where the vectors have gone - they are missing 
from the .hex file. Maybe a different name from the old mspgcc?



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