> Now the linker doesn't want to play with me - it cannot find the
> "msp430g2231.ld" link file. Curious because the compiler fids "msp430.h"
> in the same directory.

>From my understanding the .h files and the .ld files are not supposed to be in 
>the same directory. When in installed msp430-gcc-support-files-1.198.zip I did 

cp *.ld /opt/msp430-elf-
cp *.h /opt/msp430-elf-

> It looks like the dir info is not being passed to the linker.
> I have tried forcing it with -T<linkscript abs path>, but no joy.
> I have my compiler installed at /opt/msp430-gcc/ (I don't want to
> clutter /usr/local/bin) and wonder if a hard coded path has been set
> somewhere?

Now that does seem strange, I would have expected that to work, did you make 
sure you were passing the argument to the linker and not GCC (though that might 
not make any difference)... how about using the -L switch?

-L /opt/msp430-elf- -T msp430g2231.ld

Good luck,


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