On 03/03/17 19:30, DJ Delorie wrote:
> Also, you can use "msp430-elf-gcc -mintr ..." to minimize the runtime
> support.
Thanks DJ,

I tried -mintr and at least one project produces code that could fit, 
thanks (should have RTFM - but finding this was not intuitive).

Now the linker doesn't want to play with me - it cannot find the 
"msp430g2231.ld" link file. Curious because the compiler fids "msp430.h" 
in the same directory.

It looks like the dir info is not being passed to the linker.
I have tried forcing it with -T<linkscript abs path>, but no joy.
I have my compiler installed at /opt/msp430-gcc/ (I don't want to 
clutter /usr/local/bin) and wonder if a hard coded path has been set 

I am running on OpenSUSE42.1 (which is 64-bit).
I have tried compiling from source and also installing TI's installer - 
the results are the same.
Any one have any ideas ?



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