My 2 cents… I didn’t sign it because of the reasons you bring up below.

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Ok…I’ll bite. ☺
I get what you’re saying, and I’m really interested to see how this petition 
progresses, but my personal opinion is that this is like asking Stanley to 
standardize on how to join together building materials. Do I use a hammer and 
nail, nailgun, screwdriver and screw (Phillips or flathead or Torx), screw gun 
and screw, staples, or glue/epoxy? They all achieve the same end goal, but they 
are different tools for different circumstances, and you should use the right 
tool for the right job.

A few specific comments. As ya’ll know, we’re working on more clearly 
differentiating MDT and SCCM – that won’t happen overnight, but it’s on our 

Windows has already deprecated the imaging component of ICD: see the note at 
the top of

Does anyone really use WDS for image management? Or just the Windows PXE server?

As for the others…heard. I assume NSIB is what probably pushed you over the 
edge? I wish we had a better story for Nano Server in SCCM, but without the 
ability to install the client, or manage via MDM, there’s not much value in 
hacking together some deployment story if the long-term management does not 
exist. That’s a bigger discussion we’re having with the server team.


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We feel a lot of pain from this, and Johan agrees this is a good idea. If you 
do to, please consider signing.

Daniel Ratliff

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