Nano shouldn’t be deployed IMHO, it should be just be booted, then thrown away.

Or how are you guys planning to patch it? Tihi…


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I already hacked together a way to deploy Nano Server with SCCM!

I've never really gotten into MDT, so lack of MDT support is fine. Do you guys 
really expect people to have to learn MDT before they can deploy Nano server? 
If the next version of SCCM required people to learn PowerShell DSC to install 
it, that would discourage people from using it and kill adoption rates. 
Microsoft probably just slapped some PowerShell cmdlets on top of their already 
created method of deploying these WIMs when they were developing Nano. They 
then slapped a UI on those cmdlets for people who aren't as great with 

<puts on troll hat>
I doubt Microsoft would pick MDT if they were going to invest in a single image 
management solution. It'd be SCCM.

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 1:35 PM Garth Jones 
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Done and Tweeted!

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Subject: [mssms] Microsoft, please standardize on a single image management tool

We feel a lot of pain from this, and Johan agrees this is a good idea. If you 
do to, please consider signing.

Daniel Ratliff

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