"publicly state their dedication"


Q: Is this the last release of MDT?

No, we will continue to iterate and invest in the product.

I'm the PM for MDT (among other things), and seem to be asked a variation of 
question every couple of months.

MDT is not going away; our current plan includes continued investment. Not at 
the same level as SCCM (MDT is free, SCCM is licensed, so level of investment 
will follow accordingly), but we do continue to work on it. In fact, you'll see 
an update (mostly bug fix) to it coming soon.


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Thank you for making this Daniel.

>From what I've heard in rumors, it sounds like Microsoft does not really 
>dedicate resources to MDT.

I'd like them to publicly state their dedication to this tool, its team, and 
layout a roadmap or vision for us as Windows administrators going forward.

I spent years of my life lost in the forest because MDT didn't seem like it was 
Microsoft's go-to place for solving my problems. I've learned, and I've gone 
through the pain of implementing it with our specific requirements, but it 
would have been encouraging to see it enhanced further.

Daniel Wolf

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We feel a lot of pain from this, and Johan agrees this is a good idea. If you 
do to, please consider signing.

Daniel Ratliff

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