On 9. 8. 2017 14:59, Vincent Belaïche wrote:
I must admit that I don't know the difference between a cygwin-y symlink and a 
NTFS native symlinks. And I just presume that MS implementation of symlinks is 
a superset of NTFS native symlinks.

Microsoft's symlinks *are* NTFS native symlinks.

The URL that you give is interesting in this that it explains that MS symlinks 
can be created by non-administrators provided that they are given some 
corresponding priviledge.

Correct.  The privilege requirement IIRC can also be removed as of some version 
of Windows 10.

to my knowledge SVN MSW clients can't be configured to follow symlinks at the 
moment (sigh) whatever the user priviledges

As you mentioned via the link to MSDN, "MSW" programs don't care too much about 
symlinks.  Following the should just work.  Of course, that's with NTFS symlinks, not 
Cygwin-y ones.

On 9. 8. 2017 15:13, Vincent Belaïche wrote:

So there are actually two issues with MSYS2 pseudo-symlinks :

- non ASCII letters (I don't care)

Nice catch, I created a ticket<https://github.com/msys2/msys2/issues/68> for 
this issue.

- this does not work : cd gnats; ln -s ../* .

Yes, because you're trying to create a recursive symlink.  A symlink would 
work, but since MSYS2 emulates symlinks by copying, it enters a potentially 
infinite loop of creating further subdirectories that's broken only due to some 
path length limitation.  I don't know if there's anything to be done about it.

David Macek

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