On 9. 8. 2017 16:29, Vincent Belaïche wrote:
Le 09/08/2017 à 15:38, David Macek a écrit :
On 9. 8. 2017 15:34, Vincent Belaïche wrote:
The symlink emulation could keep track of all elements already copied once, and 
every time it is inspecting a new element to be copied, it would cancel the 
copy if the element has already been copied. This would break this infinite 
loop stuff (otherwise it breaks only when the path length exceed the maximum 

That doesn't help much IMO.  The copy (the fake symlink) is not complete, so 
it's still a failure.

I think it would be useful however. If you do  :

mkdir gnats; cd gnats; ln -s ../* .; cd ..; zip -r gnats.zip gnats

then the gnats.zip compressed archive would be the same if pseudo-symlinks are 
created in the way which I propose as if real symlinks were created. Therefore, 
if you keep pseud-symlinks as they are, the outcome is farther away from what 
you get with real symlink than which the fix which I propose.

I'm not able to confirm.  When ran the commands on Linux, I ended up with a ZIP 
archive with lots of nested gnats directories.  If we were to break recursions 
on MSYS2 as you propose, the archive would have just 1 level of nesting.

David Macek

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